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before                    after

Back of house
before                    during                    after
        to be added...

View from front of house
before                   "interim fix"            during remodel   

View from front of house - AFTER!  (not that it's really totally done...)
It's hard to tell the color of the front room walls in the pix, they're not pink!  They're sort of...
terra cotta-ish.  The back of the now dining room was the back of the house.  You can see
part of the new bathroom to the right, that is where the kitchen sink & stove used to be.

Ye Olde Kitchen
before                     "interim" - finally finished the bottom cabinet doors just before we tore it out...
(much nastier than it looks!)    (much cuter than it looks!)

We actually used the kitchen like this for several weeks.  It's only as wide as you can see in the picture.

New Kitchen
Building the floor    Walls!                   skylights & window over sink

After!  This is it in its abandoned state, it's not done up as pretty as
it normally would be.  NOTE:  still awaiting my pull-out trash can to
the right of the sink.  Hint, hint, dear hubby... oh well, guess I wouldn't
be using it much right now...

This is the other part of the room, photo taken 2 yrs ago.  Still looks mostly the same,
there are some things hanging on the walls and a different rug.  Mike promises new
furniture upon our return!  (What?  And lose the fancy entertainment center from Target?)


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