Well, Mike is doing what he threatened!  No, not trading me in for a younger, prettier, carnivorous wife who hates tofu.  Finishing the basement!  It's coming right along.  He's dry-walling half of it, and the other half will be storage (i.e., Really Scary Mess that will have a navigable path down the center if we're lucky).  The finished part will have a kitchenette, a bathroom, a built-in entertainment center, and a work-out area. 

Those of you who have visited us here know how fond Mike is of his basement, as it is the first place everyone is made to go upon setting foot on the property.  This love of basement has to do with the fact that a) he has spent his whole life in California, where there are no basements, and b) as he notes, our entire California house would fit inside this basement.  (which really makes us wonder how it is so completely full of junk already?!?  Somehow all this crap fit into that smaller house...)

Anyway, here it is after a mere 2 weekends of work:

future built-in entertainment center.  The door to the "storage" part of the basement is just left of this picture.

The wall behind Mike will be the "kitchenette."   You can't see how big the pile of lumber really is, but it's fairly large and was brought in by Mike & our friend Chris one lovely evening when the temperature was a single-digit.  My, they looked like they were having fun doing that!



link to pics of our remodel of the Torrance house

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