Here are Myra's 4 month portraits.  Click on each to see them big.  We made a big switch from Sears to JC Penney this month and were quite pleased.  Daddy was a bit less pleased, as Mommy spent tons of $$ getting lots of pictures.  (But they were too cute!!)

In other news, Daddy got a keyboard and he and Myra have been learning to play.

When not doing that, they like to read.  This book is one of Myra's favorites, along with a board book called "Baby Faces."  Myra's friend David has book reviews on his site and someday Mommy would like to get around to being a big copycat and doing the same here!

And finally, here we are about to go on a walk.  During this walk, Myra discovered that she could remove her hat all by herself, and eat it.  Then, when she was done eating the hat, it came hurtling out of the stroller at high velocity.  This may be the end of hats...just in time for the summer sun...

So, this page is way too big now!  Check out the "travel" page to see a couple more pictures.  (Can anyone tell how much I love pictures??)

Myra's first month
Myra's second month
Myra's third month
Myra's fourth month
A Story


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