Happy Easter!  We've been having fun, as you can see!

and lest I be thought to favor one child over another:

Myra changes so much on a daily basis, it's truly amazing to watch.  She has officially embarked on the "everything belongs in my mouth" phase.  She loves that she can actually grab things and get them to her mouth now, each time she gets a hold of something, she lets out a triumphant yell and shoves it quickly into her mouth before it can get away.  She resembles a small, hungry predator getting a hold of her prey.     
Her particular goal at present is to completely devour the straps on the car seat so that Mommy can no longer strap her into the cursed thing.  We wrestle with the straps every time we go somewhere - Myra gets a death grip on the straps and shoves as much of them into her mouth as possible, laughing the whole time.  (And crying in protest when I finally get them away and buckled down.)

Another recent development that goes along with being able to see & grab things better is an appreciation of toys.  Some more than others, of course.  Mommy has all kinds of the special, newfangled "educational" toys in all the right colors that guarantee future genius, but Myra's favorite toy of all is this blue ring, part of a set from the dollar store.  (I'm sure this surprises no one...)

She is also quite fond of her new turtle.  See, it's filled with water and has little floatie fish in it.  She looks at the fish with fascination, and finds the turtle head hilarious.

She is so much fun and amazes us and makes us laugh so much every day. 

And then, on occasion, she takes a (brief) nap.  (As she is here with a look-alike doll.)  She'd really rather not take a nap, thank you very much, as the world is a very interesting place and there is way too much to see and do all the time.

Here's my 3 month portrait, taken at the end of February.


Myra's first month
Myra's second month
Myra's third month
A Story


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