Myra's first big trip!

 We went to California in early February and had a great time visiting everyone.  I  was terrified of taking her on a plane, and we went without Mike, just the two of us, but it was no big deal after all.  Myra was an angel on the plane (as always) and seeing the family and getting some sunshine was wonderful!!


A hearty laugh over a Grandma bon mot

"Hey, I like this warm weather!  You mean we don't have to freeze our hineys off??"

"Yes, I am a California baby at heart."

Myra also made some new friends - here she is with Kennedy, Myriam & Joe's daughter who turned 1 on Valentine's Day, and Ashlyn, Chad & Angie's daughter, who is 19 months.  I gave in and thumbnailed these, the page was getting too dang big.

Ashlyn liked giving Myra kisses, she was very sweet.  Myra thought this big girl was quite fascinating and liked her a lot.

Kennedy, minus her shoe.   She and Ashlyn did a very good job of hiding that shoe, I don't believe it was ever found...

Kennedy & Ashlyn


Myra's first month
Myra's second month
Myra's third month
Myra's fourth month
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